What Is The Returns & Refunds Policy?

All electronics come with a 30 day warranty. If the item does not work properly you will be compensated with your money back or your item will be replaced. If you are attempting to return your item only because you did not like it, you will not be compensated. All tools do NOT come with warranty but customers are free to test all tools before purchasing the product. All Jewelry are final sales. All firearm returns are through manufacturers only (NO REFUNDS).

What are The Hours of Operations?

Mon – Fri 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sat – 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Do You Give Prices Over The Phone?

Unfortunately, we do not give prices over the phone, we have to inspect the items, and prices depend on specs of items. We cannot give prices over the phone, we apologize, however, we will give as much information as we can over the phone. If you are traveling far and are not satisfied with the details we provided over the phone, we recommend not coming. Thank you for your understanding

Do You Offer The Firearm Safety Card Test?

Yes! We offer a 30 question (Multiple Choice/True or False) DMV style test. You are allowed to miss 7. IF YOU FAIL YOU DO NOT PAY. If you pass it is $25 and will be given your certification the same day. For further credentials please refer to the following questions below.

What Are The Requirements For Owning A Firearm?

You must first own a Firearm Safety Card (Please see above Q for details), you must have proof of residency (Utility bill wired to your house that matches your address on your ID or car registration works best), if your ID says “Federal Limits Apply” on the top right corner, you will need a Birth Certificate or U.S. Passport. Once you provide all this information, you will need to pass a background check after purchasing a firearm.

Do You Offer FFL transfers?

Yes, As long as the firearm is California compliant.

  • CA Tax (If the seller does not charge tax)
  • $45 to $65 per gun (Depends where the firearm is coming from)
  • $37.19 DOJ registration fee
  • Proof of gunlock. (Receipt has to be within 30 days of transfer date)
  • Credentials to purchase firearm

Do You Sell Firearms and Ammo?

Yes, we sell only California Compliant Firearms and ammo as well. (Both require specific credentials and background checks).

Can You Pay With Card To Redeem or Rewrite (Refinance) A Loan?

Unfortunately, no, not when it comes to loan transactions. It is cash only and we are hoping to soon change this in the near future, however, you are free to use Debit or Credit cards to make a purchase online or in store.

Can You Pay With Card To Make A Purchase?

Yes! You are free to pay with card to make any purchase in store or online, however we will not be able to make any deals up to 20% off unless it is cash.

What Kind of Items Do You Accept For Pawning?

This question can vary in answers, (Feel Free To Call and Ask About Your Particular Product, However We Do Not Give Prices Over The Phone) We normally only take products with major name brands, younger than 5 years in age, and must come with all the original accessories it came with when brand new inside sealed packaging. (Packaging does not need to be included). However, this doesn’t apply to all products.

How Long Is My Loan Valid For?

We give all loans 4 months and 10 days with the interest going up on the 3rd month and again on the last 10 days.

What Will Happen To My Item If I Cannot Pay The Redemption Fee In Time Of The 4 Months And 10 Days?

You are free to pay the interest only, which will extend your loan for another 4 months and 10 days, in the case you cannot pay the interest, we will work with you on giving you more time, however, a time will eventually come where we will no longer be able to hold it and must sell the product in order to make the money we originally loaned you back. Just make sure to always call us before your expiration date for us to be able to help!

What Will Happen To My Item If It Passes Its Expiration Date?

Once your item reaches the end of its 4 month period, it will expire and we will send you a final 10 day notice, where you are still free to pay the interest or redeem your item(s). If you miss your 10 day grace period, the item will foreclose and become property of The Palmdale Pawn Shop – The Happy Hocker, however we do hold Jewelry for about a month before selling, in hopes their original owner will act quick.

All other items such as Laptops, Computers, Tools, Etc will have till the Friday, the week of foreclosure. If you return on time you will have a “First/Last” warning, to pay the interest one last time, however the next time an item of yours forecloses, you will have to pay the full amount to redeem your item, but you will be free to re-pawn it again right after the transaction, to get your money back. (Legal reasons)

Is Albert There?

Albert is not the only employee at the shop that can help you.